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Data Integrity Management

Data Integrity Solution (DIS), a risk-based assessment process developed by CCA, helps companies to manage and audit their ESG data to ensure data credibility, traceability and connectivity. 

The Challenges

When disclosing ESG data and to facilitate data comparability over time, consistent standards and methodologies are needed. To improve the effectiveness of your internal control for cost saving and risk management purposes, you require quality, connectable and traceable data. These will help your company make crucial business decisions, internal or external, short or long-term.

Our Solution

CCA offers its proprietary Data Integrity Solution (DIS) package to help company assess the effectiveness of its data compilation system as well as the quality of the reported data themselves. The package also includes the establishment of an Intelligence Data Collection System that facilitates the improvement of future data input, evaluation and analyses through online and web-based solutions.   

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