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ESG Reporting

CCA has been pioneering ESG/ sustainability reporting and strategic advisory services for a wide variety of listed companies from various industries and sectors. To ensure smart compliance with the latest HKEX ESG Guide or referencing to other international standards (e.g. GRI Standards), we employ efficient business tools to help clients integrate the three essential components of materiality leap, stakeholder inclusiveness and sustainability innovation in their reporting journey.

Reporting Service Packages

Regardless of where your company is starting from, CCA can help you present the right report to capture the sustainability values while meeting the reporting requirements /standards.

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This package is designed for companies which aim to comply with the HKEX ESG Guide or report as first-time reporters. Our consultants will compile tailor-made ESG reports for companies in accordance with the HKEX ESG Guide. ESG-related data will be provided by client companies.

This package is designed for companies which aim to cover the ESG performance of their core business, promote stakeholder engagement and develop relevant strategies. Our consultants will provide guidance on ESG-related data collection and compile tailor-made ESG reports in accordance with the HKEX ESG Guide.

This package is designed for companies which not only aim to integrate sustainability values into their business, but also to elevate their disclosure of sustainability performance to international standards. Depending on the particular industry and business nature of the listed company, our consultants will guide the reporting process with reference to or in accordance with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines as well as the relevant Sector Disclosures.

The Sustainability Enhancement Programme (SEP)

The SEP is specially designed to provide integrated sustainability solutions for business and public sector clients to go beyond basic compliance and enhance their sustainability KPIs. In response to regulatory requirements and trends of sustainability initiatives, the current scope of the SEP offers bespoke advisory services and training programmes covering four areas: “Climate Competence”, “Change Management”, “ESG Performance” and “Sustainability Roadmap”.

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