Event Highlights

CCA Carbon Offsets Seminar (15/09/2010)

In response to growing interests in carbon offsets, Carbon Care Asia (CCA) organised the “What are Good Carbon Offsets” Seminar on 15 Sept 2010 at the Regal Hong Kong Hotel. Over 30 senior business and sustainability executives from various sectors attended this informative talk, which focused on the current standards and best practices in sourcing high quality offsets with strong sustainability benefits.

The two speakers, CCA Advisor Ir Albert Lai and Executive Director Dr Trini Leung, provided rare first hand insights on various perspectives of carbon offset from its history, developments and latest trends. Leading carbon offset standards, such as CDM, VCS, GS, as well as significant emerging frameworks, and their application to project development, validation and verification were explained. Analyses on market trends and the criteria for choosing high quality carbon offsets were explored, and so were the benefits of carbon offsets to climate change mitigation, sustainable development and corporate branding.

Regal Hotels International was the Seminar’s venue sponsor and supporting organization.

Photo captions:

  1. Over 30 senior business and sustainability executives from various sectors attended the informative seminar on “What are Good Carbon Offsets”.
  2. CCA Director Ivy Ning introduced to the attendees the story behind the Daduhe Afforestation and Reforestation CDM Project in NW Sichuan, an offset projects with climate, community and biodiversity benefits.
  3. Ir Albert Lai, CCA Advisor and a key speaker at the Seminar, gave an in-depth analysis on the market trends of voluntary carbon offsets.
  4. Our corporate audience are full of interest and attention at the Seminar.
  5. At the Q & A session, Mr William Po, certified public accountant, was interested to know how customers can be assured of their carbon offset purchases.
  6. CCA Executive Director Dr Trini Leung discussed various types of carbon offset projects at the Seminar.
  7. As the Seminar’s facilitator, CCA Director Ivy Ning listened to questions and feedback from various participants.
  8. Ir Albert Lai traced the footsteps of global climate change challenge from Bali (2007) to Copenhagen (2009).
  9. Ms Lindsay Pickles, Project Development Director of the Ocean Park, gave her views at the exchange session.
  10. Dr Trini Leung made a light-hearted exchange with the audience.