CCA co-organised a public forum on Renewable Energy, as the third wave of its joint effort with The Open University of Hong Kong and Friends of the Earth (HK) to make Hong Kong a carbon neutral city, following the Earth Day Summit on April 22 and the Environment Day Forum on June 6, 2016.

Entitled “Renewable Energy: Achievable & Affordable”, this forum aimed to explore the feasible options of developing renewable energy in Hong Kong, and to urge the Government to make fundamental changes to its traditional energy-mix policy to achieve drastic cuts to the city’s carbon emissions and to enhance the usage of the renewables.

In this forum, Ir Albert Lai, CCA CEO, gave an inaugural presentation on a bold new plan called “4R20”– how to achieve 4% renewables by 2020 in Hong Kong. The ultimate benefits of this plan include carbon reduction and the creation of green jobs for our city. Other guest speakers sharing their views and insights at the forum came from the fields of energy, financial analysis and environmental consulting. Nearly a hundred people attended the forum, many of them are stakeholders from the government, business and civil society. Representatives from the Environment Bureau included Mr Vincent Liu, Deputy Secretary for the Environment, and Ms Dorothy Ma, Principal Assistant Secretary for the Environment. Representatives from the power utilities and green NGOs were also present. Many of the participants supported “4R20” proposed by Ir Albert Lai.

An online petition campaign to support the “4R20” plan was launched on the same day for the public. The organizers urged the government to incorporate this plan into the Hong Kong Climate Action Plan, so as to increase the share of renewable energy in power generation to 4% by 2020; and to adopt this as the basis for negotiation of the Scheme of Control Agreements with the power utilities, so as to turn the companies into partners for renewables, and to allow members of the public, the community and business sectors to participate actively in renewable energy development.

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Photo captions:

  1. Ir Albert Lai, CEO of CCA, gave an inaugural presentation on “4R20”, a bold new renewable energy plan for Hong Kong
  2. CCA Chairman Mr Chong Chan Yau (3rd right) and CEO Ir Albert Lai (4th right) took a group photo with Prof Ho Kin Chung (middle), Dean of School of Science & Technology, OUHK, Dr Vivian Wong (2nd left), Chairperson of FoE (HK) and other guest speakers and panelists.
  3. Stakeholders from the government, business and the civil society attended the Renewable Energy Forum jointly organized by CCA, The Open University of Hong Kong and Friends of the Earth (HK).
  4. The panel discussion was moderated by Dr Vivian Wong, Chairperson of FoE (HK).
  5. CCA Director Mr John Sayer contributed his views from the floor.