CCA’s Chairman Mr Chong Chan Yau and Chief Executive Officer Ir Albert Lai were invited as guest speakers to share their insights on low carbon economy at a seminar organized by the Treasury Market Association (TMA) on 5 July 2013. Focusing on sustainability, this seminar aimed to raise sectorial awareness of climate change and carbon reduction. Over 40 TMA members and related professionals were present.

Mr Chong Chan Yau shared his experience in attending various important international conferences on climate change, and outlined the latest scientific research findings about the impacts of climate change. Mr Chong explained the principle of carbon management (ie. measure, reduce and offset) and introduced several local schemes of carbon reporting and carbon disclosure.

In another session, Ir Albert Lai gave a comprehensive presentation on the regional carbon trading trial platforms in Mainland China, as well as the latest trends of the international voluntary carbon market. In his presentation, In explaining the importance of sustainability and low carbon practices in business operations, Ir Albert Lai also analyzed the risks and opportunities facing local corporations as a result of the climate change challenge.


Photo Captions (photos supplied by TMA):

  1. Illustrating through his own photo album on various international climate conferences, CCA Chairman Mr Chong Chan Yau outlined the impacts of climate change and the findings of current scientific research studies.
  2. CCA CEO Ir Albert Lai introduced the latest development of regional carbon trading platforms in China and trends of the international voluntary carbon market.
  3. Over 40 professionals and practitioners of the Hong Kong financial market attended the seminar.
  4. Mr Water Cheung, Executive Board Member of TMA, presented a souvenir to CCA and pictured with our Chairman Mr Chong Chan Yau, CEO Ir Albert Lai and Sustainability Consultant Ms Lan Xing (from right to left).