Carbon Care Asia (CCA) organized a dedicated “Climate Strategist Leadership Development Workshop” for a leading property developer in Hong Kong on 25 Mar, 2015. Held in our partner The Good Lab, this interactive and inspiring workshop was well-attended by the senior management of our client company. Through virtual decision-making modules specially designed by CCA, the participants gained insight on the impact of climate change at public policy and organizational levels. As a result, they came to explore new horizons in corporate sustainability and green businesses.


Photo captions:

  1. CCA Senior Sustainability Consultant Miss Chloe Mok briefed the participants on the current scenario of climate change and introduced the rules of the role-play game.
  2. Participants were divided into different country groups, and each group discussed the strategic options that they considered appropriate for moving their country forward.
  3. Country groups bargained with one another on the terms of environmental collaboration.
  4. CCA CEO, Ir. Albert Lai, gave a debriefing after the workshop and explained the implications of sustainable options in the property management sector.