CCA was commissioned by ANTA Sports Products Ltd to conduct an independent assessment on the GHG emissions of the majority of the company’s office buildings and factories in Mainland China for the year 2015, to ensure accurate disclosure of relevant data. These data were later incorporated into the 2015 ESG Report of the Company, which was officially released on 27 July, 2016 in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province. CCA Consultant Ms Lan Xing was invited to the media conference on that day to give a debriefing on the audit report and take interviews from the Mainland media.

ANTA Sports Products Ltd is among the largest manufacturers and retailers of sports shoes and sportswear in the whole of China. Its operating revenue has hit RMB10 billion in 2015. The Company is also listed in the HKEX and complying with the Guide issued by the latter, it has produced the 2015 ESG Report with “True Corporate Citizen” as its theme.

Media Reports from Mainland China (Chinese only)




Photo captions:

  1. CCA Consultant Ms Lan Xing giving a debriefing on the GHG emissions audit report at ANTA’s media conference held in Jinjiang.
  2. Ms Lan Xing took a picture with ANTA’s top management : (from 2nd left) Investor Relations Director Ms Suki Wong, Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer Mr Lai Shixian and Director of Public Relations Ms Ren Xin Zhao. (Photo supplied by ANTA)
  3. The Quanzhou TV reporter conducted a special interview with Ms Lan Xing.
  4. Ms Lan Xing taking a look at ANTA’s products in the show room.