CCA Executive Director Dr Trini Leung and Senior Environmental Consultant Ir Dr Shelley Zhou were invited to speak at two high profile forums on low carbon actions and economy recently held in Beijing.

The “China Low Carbon Economy Forum 2010”, held on 10-11 April 2010, focussed on three themes of building low carbon cities, industries and financial systems in China and in other parts of the world. The forum was jointly hosted by the China Association of Science and Technology Industry Parks, the Financial Times, the China Environmental News, the World Alliance for Decentralized Energy, Taiwan Emission Trading Association, FT Chinese, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and PR Newswire Asia. Drawing on CCA experiences in delivering low carbon products and services to clients, Dr Trini Leung joined a speakers panel at this forum and shared CCA’s visions and actions in facilitating corporations and organizations, to achieve carbon leadership within their respective spheres.

Ir Dr Shelley Zhou was invited to speak at another forum held by the Beijing Academy of Science and Technology on 12 April 2010. Entitled “A Green Beijing & Low Carbon Actions”, this forum explored the various ways of adopting carbon reduction programs in the Chinese capital and how to put plans into sustainable community actions backed by carbon management systems and technologies. In her presentation at the forum, Ir Dr Shelley Zhou shared expertise and experiences of CCA’s carbon reduction and management services.

Photo captions:

  1. CCA Executive Director Dr Trini Leung spoke at “China Low Carbon Economy Forum”.
  2. “A Green Beijing & Low Carbon Actions Forum” was hosted by the Beijing Academy of Science and Technology and its subordinate institutes..
  3. CCA Executive Director Dr Trini Leung introduced CCA products and services at the Beijing Forum.
  4. Cases of outstanding success from CCA’s carbon reduction and management services were drawn as study samples in the presentation by Ir Dr Shelley Zhou, CCA’s Senior Environmental Consultant.