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Good Climate Lai See (19/01/2010)

Good Climate makes the best Lai See for the Year of the Tiger!

Giving your relatives and friends the Good Climate Lai See for the Year of the Tiger is the best way to enlist them in climate caring actions via carbon offset. Your contribution also goes to the post- earthquake re-development of NW Sichuan as well as the provision of green employment for the local communities.

With CCA, you can now support tree planting and offset carbon emissions for your relatives and friends when you send them your Chinese New Year greetings.

Five reasons to give the Good Climate Lai See to your relatives and friends during Chinese New Year:

  1. You help mitigate climate change to save our planet by supporting the UN CDM certified afforestation and reforestation project in China;
  2. You help maintaining the biodiversity in Northwest Sichuan, where majority of the wild giant pandas live;
  3. You help improve the livelihood of poor villagers, many of whom ethnic minorities, as the project creates new jobs and a greener environment for them;
  4. You inspire your family, friends and relatives in climate caring actions; and
  5. You are sending this  Lai See as a special Chinese New Year gift.

Five ways you can reduce your carbon emissions:

  1. Buy electrical appliances with high energy saving labels.
  2. Take public transport instead of driving.
  3. Buy local produce to reduce transportation emissions of imported products.
  4. Consume less meat (especially red meat) and eat more vegetables, as the production cycle of meat creates higher carbon emissions.
  5. Use less paper to save the forest and to reduce carbon emissions from landfills.

BUY  Good Climate Lai See (HK20.00 each, minimum order: 10 packs)

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Note: Please allow 5 working days for the Lai See  packs to be delivered to your mailing address.