Event Highlights

Professor Lord Nicholas Stern visited CCA (09/11/2018)

Professor Lord Nicholas Stern, the IG Patel Chair of Economics and Government and Chairman of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics honored CCA with a visit on November 9. Lord Stern met with Carbon Care Asia and CarbonCare Innolab teams in CCA’s office and shared his insights on the economics of climate change and its future outlook. We thank him for his inspiring words and congratulatory message to CCA which celebrates the 10 anniversary of the founding of the company in 2018.

Professor Lord Stern was Chief Economist of the European Bank for construction and Development and Chief Economist and Senior Vice President at the World Bank. He later joined the UK Treasury as Second Permanent Secretary, initially with responsibility for public finances and head of the Government Economic Service. He published the “Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change” in 2006, which recommended regulation, carbon taxes and carbon trading to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. His vision and analyses have been a major inspiration to CCA directors who decided to set up a social business in Hong Kong in 2008 to offer professional carbon management consultancy service for companies and organisations of various sectors.


Congratulatory message from Professor Lord Nicholas Stern to CCA on its 10 anniversary celebration and commendation on the work of CCA.






Photo captions:

  1. The CCA and CarbonCare InnoLab team with Professor Lord Nicholas Stern during his visit to the company.
  2. A special souvenir to commemorate 10th Anniversary of CCA was presented to Professor Lord Nicholas Stern by (from left) Mr Water Cheung, Chairman of Carbon Care Asia Pte Ltd; Ir Albert Lai, CCA CEO; Ms Rosanna Wong, CCA Director and Mr Chong Chan Yau, CCA Board Chairman.
  3. A warm chat between Professor Lord Nicholas Stern and Ir Albert Li, Ms Rosanna Wong and Mr Chong Chan Yau.
  4. Professor Lord Nicholas Stern was invited to autograph his book “The Economics of Climate Change — the Stern Review” published in 2007.