Following the enthusiastic response to the first briefing session on CarbonCare® Label 2014 cum ESG Report Seminar in mid-July, CCA organized a second session on 27 Aug, 2014 for more corporate representatives wishing to apply for or renew the CarbonCare® Label. The aim of the briefing was to explain the Label and its benefits, as well as its relevance to the compliance of ESG reporting as set out in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Guidelines.

Nearly 80 participants attended this briefing session. They came from universities, statutory bodies, non-government organizations, as well as from various business sectors including investment and listing service consultants, food industries, organic farms, public transport, hotels, verification institutes and environmental technologies companies. The briefing was held at the KPMG office in Central, thanks to the company’s venue sponsorship.

In his opening remarks, CCA Chairman Mr Chong Chan Yau introduced the latest global trends in tackling climate change and the positive roles that can be played by corporations in Hong Kong. The CarbonCare® Label was developed to help Hong Kong enterprises to fulfil these roles while gaining new business benefits. Chief Executive Officer, Ir Albert Lai, gave a rundown on the “do’s and don’ts” in compiling ESG reports according to the guidelines laid down by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for listed companies. Some outstanding examples of corporate innovations in sustainability from overseas were also cited by Albert to show that Hong Kong corporations too can seek opportunities from risks and launch new operation modes or products and services.

CCA Senior Sustainability Consultant, Miss Chloe Mok, gave a detailed presentation on the schedule and procedures of applying / renewing for CarbonCare® Label 2014. She also explained the special media publicity package developed in partnership with the Hong Kong Economic Journal for all awardees of CarbonCare® Label 2014.

In the sharing session, Mr Alan Lee, Coordinator of the Carbon Care Group at Kau Yan Church, an awardee of CarbonCare® Label 2013, spoke about the sustainability benefits the Church has achieved after promoting various low carbon actions amongst its members in the last year. Mr Eddie Hwang, Managing Director of another 2013 awardee MRC Technology International Ltd, introduced an eco-friendly light box for advertising, which helps shopping centres and the MTRC make great savings on their electricity bills.

CarbonCare® Label 2014 is now open for application and renewal by all companies and non-government organizations on or before 26th Sept 2014. Further enquiries can be made via email to, or by telephone to 2541 5020.

The CarbonCare® Label 2014 Award Ceremony will be held at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum on 21 Oct, 2014. Prof Joseph J Y Sung, Vice-Chancellor and President of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, will be the officiating guest.

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Photo captions:

  1. Representatives from various organizations and enterprises of different sectors attended the second briefing session on CarbonCare® Label 2014 and ESG Reporting held at KPMG office.
  2. CCA Chairman Mr Chong Chan Yau welcomed all guests and spoke on the global trends of climate care actions and their relevance to CarbonCare® Labeling.
  3. CCA CEO Ir Albert Lai explained to the audience what are the “do’s and don’ts” in compiling an ESG report.
  4. CCA Senior Sustainability Consultant Miss Chloe Mok explained how the CarbonCare® labeling scheme works and the label application or renewal procedures.
  5. Mr Alan Lee, Coordinator of the Carbon Care Group at Kau Yan Church, shared his experience in promoting a series of low carbon actions among church members.
  6. Mr Eddie Hwang, Managing Director of MRC Technology International Ltd, explained how his eco-friendly advertising light box helps clients to make great savings on their energy bills.
  7. The CCA team and two sharing guests pictured at the Q&A panel.
  8. A question from the audience during the Q&A session.
  9. CCA CEO Ir Albert Lai pictured with guests from different organisations.
  10. CCA Chairman Mr Chong Chan Yau pictured with corporate guests.