CCA is pleased to have provided its professional advisory and support to make the Canon Photo Marathon a carbon neutral event for the third time through its MRO (Measure, Reduce & Offset) services.

The Canon Photo Marathon 2012, an annual photography competition organized by Canon Hongkong Company Limited (CHK), took place on 7 Oct this year. Speaking to the 1,500 contestants, CCA Chairman Mr Chong Chan Yau focused on the adverse effects of climate change on the environment and emphasized the importance of individual effort in mitigation. Mr Chong also praised the organizer for acting as a role model for other Hong Kong companies in hosting a successful and green competition, promoting the concepts of carbon neutrality and sustainability to the participants.

“Imaging CSR” is the theme advocated by CHK, under which Canon Photo Marathon 2012 integrates photography with charity and contributions to a more sustainable environment. To make the Marathon a successful CarbonCare® event, the organizer followed CCA’s advice and encouraged all participants to carry their own water bottle and use public transport to minimize the event’s carbon footprint.

(Photos supplied by Canon HK Co Ltd)

Photo captions:

1. Mr Chong Chan Yau, CCA Board Chairman, awarded the Carbon Neutral Event Certificate to Mr Hisahiro Minokawa, President & CEO of Canon HK Co Ltd.

2. Mr Chong Chan Yau emphasized the importance of individual awareness and support in tackling global climate change when he spoke to the Photo Marathon participants at the kick-off ceremony.

3. The Canon Photo Marathon 2012, which attracted 1,500 contestants, took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on Oct 7.

4. Mr Chong Chau Yau pictured with Canon HK management, professional judges and guests.