01 Jul 2020

Sustainability Improvement Trends and Potentials in Asian Real Estate Sector – Insights from GRESB Assessments 2018 and 2019

GRESB, the global real estate sustainability benchmarking organization, has released the score results of its 2019 Real Estate Assessment. Given the need for more in-depth studies of improvement pathways in ESG performance, CCA has continued to analyse the ESG improvement potential and performance of the real estate sector in Asia, applying our proprietary SECOL framework to the cross-year data sets provided by GRESB.

In this issue, we share some of the key findings from this study, with a view to render realistic recommendations for potential and existing GRESB assessment participants. Our recommendations include what actions to take in the weakest areas such as waste management, energy efficiency and green building certifications, besides corporate governance structure and climate performance.