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Climate Finance Asia (CF Asia) は、持続可能なファイナンスに関するコンサルティングサービスの提供者です。その前身であるカーボンケアアジアの専門知識から生まれたCF Asiaは、持続可能なファイナンスのツールを活用して気候変動に取り組む使命を担ったビジネスです。


シンガポールと香港から運営されており、CF Asia はエネルギー生産、農業、資産管理、ファイナンス、NGOを含むさまざまなセクターと業界のクライアントにサービスを提供しています。


なぜClimate Finance Asiaを選ぶのか?




香港初のClimate Bonds Initiative認定検証機関

HKMA Green and Sustainable Finance Grant Scheme認識外部審査者


Why Choose CF Asia?

A passion for the principles of sustainability:  Our work is underpinned by our commitment to the concept of sustainable development — care for the planet, prosperity for all people, and inter-generational justice to enable undiminished legacy for future generations.

Professionalism at all levels:  Integrity, evidence-based, high standards and respect in all our work.

Proven Track Record​

Dedicated experience in green finance, carbon and sustainability consulting, serving over 250 clients in strategy development, reporting and in-depth research.

Training Specialists

Experienced coaches in climate competence and corporate sustainability pioneer professional training programmes in partnership with theNational University of Singapore and HKU SPACE.

Full-range Capabilities

Multi-disciplinary professionals, including carbon and sustainability specialists, environmental data analysts, climate finance / policy researchers and dedicated reporting teams all under one roof to provide integrated services and solutions for businesses and institutions.

Our History


Since CCA’s inception in 2008, we’ve celebrated multiple milestones in the company’s history.

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