CCA was invited to attend the launch ceremony of the new RTHK TV series “Nature & Man in One 2016” held at ZCB on 23 May, 2016. This new documentary series, made up of 10 episodes, aims to present current environmental issues facing Hong Kong to experts in respective areas and seek their views and solution suggestions. The programme host has also travelled to various countries both in Asia and Europe to study cases of success in waste and carbon reduction, as well as city greening. With a view to raise public awareness and sense of responsibility in environmental protection, the programme also hopes to find suitable ways of building a green future for Hong Kong.

Earlier on, CCA CEO Ir Albert Lai was interviewed in the first episode “Greening Hong Kong” of this new documentary series to talk about how Hong Kong can bring itself in line with other international cities and embark on a zero-carbon path, by aiming to cut 80% of its carbon emissions by 2050. The programme also took shots of the “Zero Carbon Inno-Day: Sustainable Living 2016”, a community engagement event to encourage innovative solutions in tackling climate change challenges facing our city. Ir Albert Lai was an advisor of the Jockey Club CarbonCare Open Innovation Lab project, which co-organised this event in early April with Project Flame of the City University of Hong Kong.

Programme webcast (in Chinese only):

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(Photo by courtesy of RTHK)

Ir Albert Lai (6th right, last row), CEO of CCA, in a group picture at the launch of the new RTHK TV series “Nature & Man in One 2016”, with other guests and students invited to demonstrate upcycling at the ceremony.