Following the Top 10 Green Pioneers Award earlier this year, CCA is pleased to partner with one of the most popular travel magazines in town, Weekend Weekly, again and became the Low Carbon Partner to its Go Green Award 2013. Under CCA support, the award ceremony and Go Green Market event became carbon neutral after the three intrinsic steps of carbon measurement, carbon reduction and carbon offset.

The Go Green Award aims to recognize and encourage both organizations and individuals who protect the environment by conserving resources and reducing energy consumption. Mr Kam Sing Wong, Secretary for the Environment, was invited by the organizer as the officiating guest. CCA CEO Ir Albert Lai received the partnership souvenir from the organizing body on behalf of the company on 27 Oct, 2013.

Another highlight of the day was the Go Green Market, where green NGOs including WWF Hong Kong were invited to set up sales stalls for second-hand items or eco-friendly products. Open workshops were also hosted by well-known local designers to teach the public how to recycle or upcycle left-over materials into stylish and useful home decorations.

Photo captions:

CCA CEO Ir Albert Lai (3rd left) pictured with Mr KS Wong (middle), Secretary for the Environment, the organizer and other Go Green Award 2013 partners.

Ir Albert Lai received a partnership souvenir from the management representative of “Weekend Weekly”.

All smiles for a carbon neutral event — Go Green Award 2013.

Media Report (2013/11/11)