Under CCA support, the Sharing Economy Bazaar organized by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority New Territories East Cluster (NTEC) was successfully held on 10 Mar at the Prince of Wales Hospital. The aim of the Bazaar is to promote the concept of sharing economy amongst staff of the NTEC, whereby any resource that one person no longer finds useful can be shared with someone else who can make fuller use of that resource.

To prepare for this event, the Environmental Protection & Energy Management Committee of the NTEC had organized a collection exercise for 4 days, during which visitors and staff were encouraged to donate items they found idle. In return, they received tokens for each of the items they delivered and were able to exchange these tokens for other items collected by the Bazaar. Nearly 2,000 items were collected, including decorative pieces, accessories, houseware, clothing, electrical appliances, stationery, toys, books, magazines, bags, CDs, as well as food and drinks. More than 1200 items were exchanged on the open day of the Bazaar, and those items left over from the event were donated to the Salvation Army.


Photo captions:

  • The Sharing Economy Bazaar, with a view to promote resource conservation and sharing, was well supported by visitors and staff of NTEC.
  • What an exciting treasure hunt! Participants sorted through thousands of items collected by the Bazaar.
  • The Bazaar worked on a one-for-one exchange system. The organizer helped participants to exchange items with their tokens.
  • Participants posed happily with items they found from their treasure hunt.