Dr Trini Leung, Executive Director of CCA, was invited to speak at a seminar panel on “Sustainable Growth: Environmental, Social, Governance and Carbon Disclosure Makes Business Sense,” organized by the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd (“HKEx”) and the British Consulate-General Hong Kong on 23 Sept, 2013.

Dr Leung spoke about the carbon footprint disclosure website for Hong Kong listed companies, that CCA has been commissioned by the government’s Environmental Protection Department to develop in 2013. When asked how carbon reporting help and benefit companies, Dr Leung explained, “We have designed the carbon reporting in templates that are compliant to the HKEx ESG Reporting Guide. Carbon reporting is a core criterion, and offers the best system for companies to start reporting their ESG performances. ”

“Importantly, we offer professional advisory to companies to undertake smart compliance in ESG accounting, so that it generates more business benefits rather than just a reporting exercise for compliance’s sake”, said Dr Trini Leung.

Over 150 representatives from Hong Kong’s listed companies attended the seminar which was addressed by Ms Caroline Wilson, British Consul-General to Hong Kong and Mr David Graham, HKEx Chief Regulatory Officer and Head of Listing.