Carbon Care Asia (CCA), in partnership with The Good Lab, organized the “Climate Strategist Leadership Development Workshop” on 25 Nov, 2014. Participants coming from different backgrounds in the civil service, education, property development, power, aviation, advertising and social enterprises attended this interactive workshop. On the one hand, participants gained insight on the impact of climate change at public policy and organizational levels. On the other hand, they explored new opportunities in sustainable development and green businesses.


Photo captions:

  1. CCA Senior Sustainability Consultant Miss Chloe Mok briefed the participants on the current scenario of climate change and introduced the rules of the role-play game.
  2. Participants were divided into different country groups and each group had to share the rationale behind its policy decisions with the others.
  3. Participants reflected on what they have learned from the Workshop on the dynamics of strategic planning.
  4. Ir Albert Lai, CEO, CCA, debriefed the participants on the design and purpose of the workshop and pointed out that more proactive measures in climate changes can be taken both in Hong Kong and globally.
  5. The CCA team and participants posed for a group photo after the half-day workshop.