25 May 2013

CCA commissioned to develop carbon reporting web portal in HK

CCA commissioned to develop carbon reporting web portal in HK (25/5/2013)
Carbon Care Asia Ltd (CCA) has been commissioned by the Hong Kong Government to develop a groundbreaking web portal for Hong Kong listed companies to disclose their carbon footprint reports. This is one of the key initiatives of Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department’s efforts to promote a low-carbon economy.Mr Chan Yau Chong, Chair of CCA said, “Public reporting by companies of their carbon emissions is a major step forward in climate change response, and it will win confidence and boost credibility with investors and other stakeholders. It is CCA’s core mission to facilitate culture change in the business sector in their practical commitment to sustainability. We are glad to take up this groundbreaking project, which will no doubt contribute to further positive developments in the region.”

Dr Trini Leung, leader of the CCA Project said, “This new website is intended to provide a user-friendly portal for listed companies to disclose carbon inventories in a simple, consistent, and credible manner. We hope this platform will receive strong support from the companies, as a demonstration by the local business community to measure up impressively against international best practice on sustainability.”

Whilst carbon reporting is still voluntary in Hong Kong, this initiative follows the direction of a growing trend of mandatory carbon disclosure for listed companies in developed countries. In a related move, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange last August issued a guide calling on Hong Kong listed companies to include Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance in their corporate reports. Carbon reporting is among the central components in ESG indicators.

CCA is a social business providing cutting-edge services to organizations on carbon strategy and pathways to greater sustainability in their core business. The CarbonCare® Label developed by CCA is recognized as a key innovation supporting companies and institutions who demonstrate significant actions in reducing carbon emissions.