16 Mar 2011

CCA launches CarbonCare® Wedding Packages

CCA launches CarbonCare® Wedding Packages (16/03/2011)

16 March 2011


For Love, for Earth

CCA launches CarbonCare® Wedding Packages

As more and more bridal couples find the idea of offsetting the carbon footprints of their wedding to demonstrate their love for our Planet meaningful, Carbon Care Asia (CCA) has launched two unique CarbonCare® Wedding Packages to help them achieve carbon neutrality for their wedding and honeymoon with one-stop user-friendly solutions.

Carbon footprint of a wedding mainly comes from venue electricity, transportation, flights and waste disposal. CCA team of carbon solutions experts have estimated the carbon footprint of local wedding celebrations, and designed two carbon neutral packages for bridal couples holding wedding banquets and taking air flights for their honeymoon holidays.

A typical wedding banquet attended by up to 800 local guests held in Hong Kong carries carbon emissions within three tonnes. The carbon footprint of a honeymoon holiday depends mainly on the flight distance travelled. A newly-wed couple flying to Europe, for example, would incur approximately 4,000 kg of carbon emissions, while flying to Asia would incur only half as much – at about 2,000 kg.

CCA provides solutions to help the bridal couples assess and reduce their wedding’s carbon footprints, referencing best international practices. The outstanding emissions can then be offset through funding carbon reduction projects in developing countries, which are validated by the United Nations or other reputable accreditation bodies. CCA offers a special mix of carbon credits from three projects in Mainland China, which carry high multi -sustainability benefits:


  • Northwest Sichuan Degraded Lands Afforestation and Reforestation Project
  • Ningxia Yinyi 49.50 Wind-farm Project
  • Yunnan Dujiacun Small Hydropower Project


CCA’s CarbonCare® Wedding Packages provide a certificate to the couples verifying their wedding carbon offset, carbon reduction tips, plus communication briefs for guests and organizers attending the wedding banquet. These unique CarbonCare® Wedding Packages are doable and affordable immediate solutions for men and women who want to show the world not only their love and care for each other, but also the big world and our planet, said Dr Trini Leung, Executive Director of Carbon Care Asia, a Hong Kong-based total carbon management specialist.

Carbon Care Asia can be contacted at www.carboncareasia.com, Tel: (852) 2815 1882.

CarbonCare® Wedding Package:

• Carbon Offset Certificate(3 tonnes of carbon offset)
• Wedding carbon reduction advisory
• Communication brief

CarbonCare® Honeymoon Package

•Carbon Offset Certificate
(Offset tonnage depending on honeymoon destination distance)