17 Aug 2017

CCA receives Climate Bonds Approved Verifier status

CCA receives Climate Bonds Approved Verifier status (17/8/2017)

Carbon Care Asia (CCA) is pleased to announce that with immediate effect, it has received Approved Verifier status by Climate Bond Initiative (CBI) headquartered in London under the Climate Bonds Standard & Certification Scheme.This new status strengthens CCA’s capacity to promote green finance in Asia. An important part of global action to achieve the Paris Climate Agreement will involve generating finance for low carbon projects and technologies. CCA is set to play an active role in the growth of green finance in the region, enabling investments that make a meaningful contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building a carbon-zero future.

The Climate Bonds Standard & Certification Scheme allows investors, governments and other stakeholders to prioritise ‘low carbon and climate resilient’ investments with confidence that the funds are being used to deliver a low carbon and climate resilient economy. A Scientific Framework underpins the definitions of which projects and assets are consistent with a low carbon and climate resilient economy and therefore eligible for inclusion as a Certified Climate Bond.

The Approved Verifier plays an important role in assessing whether the issuer and the proposed bond meet the requirements of the Climate Bonds Standard and provides a report to the bond issuer. The Climate Bonds Standards Board of CBI make the final decision based on the information provided by the issuer, including the Verifier’s Report.

CCA will be delighted to provide verification service to issuers of climate bonds to assess the eligibility and readiness of related projects at the pre-issuance stage, as well as to provide assurance over the actual use of proceeds and internal systems & controls at the post-issuance stage.