19 Apr 2018

CCA welcomes new Feed-in Tariff policy in the wake of its advocacy for a benefit-for-all renewable energy plan

CCA welcomes new Feed-in Tariff policy in the wake of its advocacy for a benefit-for-all renewable energy plan (19/4/2018)
Carbon Care Asia (CCA) welcomes the Government’s announcement of a new feed-in tariff scheme on 17 April and regards this as a valuable measure to stimulate the renewable energy market and promote these technologies in Hong Kong. The move sends a positive message to the public to support and participate in the transition to renewables. We further commend the government for taking this initiative in line with the spirit and the recommendations that we have been advocating in our renewable energy policy proposal in the past years.Since returning from COP 21 in 2015 and witnessing the creation of the Paris Climate Agreement as a member of the Hong Kong NGO delegation to the UN Climate Summit, CCA has teamed up with academic and environmental groups to develop and urge the Government to adopt a bold new renewable energy development plan called “4R20”. On 15 August 2016, CCA co-organised an open forum with The Open University of Hong Kong and Friends of the Earth (HK) entitled “Renewable Energy: Achievable & Affordable.” This forum explored the feasible options for developing renewable energy in Hong Kong and proposed the Government to make fundamental changes to its traditional energy-mix policy, including the introduction of feed-in tariff. The ultimate aim was to achieve drastic cuts to the city’s carbon emissions and to enhance the usage of renewable energy. At the same time, an online petition campaign to support the “4R20” plan was launched to gauge support from the public and civil organisations.

CCA co-organised Renewable Energy Forum with The Open University and Friends of the Earth & launched Online Petition for “4R20” (15/8/2016) (Event recap)


Apart from that, Ir Albert Lai, CEO of CCA, and Mr John Sayer, CCA Director have both written in the local media elaborating the opportunities and multiple benefits that a new renewable energy plan could bring to enhance Hong Kong’s sustainability in energy use through active participation of the public, the community and the business sector.

It is our hope that other government departments will be proactive in providing the support and cooperation needed to ensure success of the energy policy put forward by the Environment Bureau, so that Hong Kong people can truly enjoy the benefits of the feed-in tariff scheme and the development of the renewables can flourish as part of the essential transition to a zero-carbon economy within this century.

“Hong Kong must seize the opportunity to cut fossil fuel use in favour of renewable energy” by John Sayer (3 Aug 2016, SCMP)


“No more Government subsidy to power companies & energy transformation for all HK people” by Albert Lai
(5 July 2016, Ming Pao)