17 Feb 2022

Launch of Deloitte Carbon Care Asia to meet surging demands on climate and sustainability solutions

Carbon Care Asia (CCA) is excited to announce that its sustainability, carbon strategy and ESG advisory services will be integrated into the advisory services of Deloitte China to create a new practice, Deloitte Carbon Care Asia – a centre of excellence primed to assist clients to tackle increasingly complex challenges in climate change and sustainability.

“Since 2008, CCA has been driven by a mission to achieving a zero-carbon economy for all by promoting sustainability practices and raising climate competence in business, government and community organisations,” says Albert Lai, Co-founder and CEO of CCA, “By joining Deloitte, the world’s undisputed leader in professional services and with 345,000 employees around the globe, we have now reached the next step in the pursuit of our mission.”

Awareness of the importance of climate action on the part of business and finance has been surging dramatically in recent years, as governments, scientists, activists and business leaders all recognize the importance of playing their part in achieving bold and rapid action necessary to reverse global warming.

Deloitte China has 22,000 employees and provides a diverse range of professional services to nearly 90% of Fortune Global 500® Chinese companies. Climate and sustainability is at the top of Deloitte’s agenda. As part of its efforts to help the world achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, Deloitte has committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 and launched the WorldClimate program to drive responsible climate choices within its organisation and beyond.

“The development of Deloitte Carbon Care Asia will enable a step change,” says John Sayer, CCA Director. “New investment and capacity growth can meet demand and achieve the necessary support for more and larger companies developing strategies to address the physical impact of a warming world, changing climate regulations, increased investor pressure and multiplying stakeholder expectations.”

Chong Chan Yau, CCA Co-founder and CEO of CarbonCare InnoLab (CCIL), added, “It is exciting to see that Deloitte Carbon Care Asia is committed to fostering bolder climate action in the private sector.  CCIL is a registered charitable organisation promoting just transition to a low carbon economy. CCIL will continue to operate as an independent organisation and I look forward to collaboration with Deloitte Carbon Care Asia.”

Water Cheung, CCA Chairman, remarked, “CCA’s expertise on the interdependency between social and environmental issues and Deloitte’s globally respected and wide-ranging advisory services will enable Deloitte Carbon Care Asia to deliver the co-benefits of well-integrated environmental, social and governance strategies. As for the green finance business that does not move to Deloitte China, we expect to make further announcement next month regarding new developments to serve better the growing demands in sustainable finance.”