28 May 2016

Nature & Man in One (RTHK)

Nature & Man in One (RTHK 28/5/2016)


CCA CEO Albert Lai was interviewed in this “Greening Hong Kong” episode of the new RTHK TV series “Nature & Man in One” to talk about how Hong Kong can bring itself in line with other international cities and embark on a zero-carbon path, by aiming to cut 80% of its carbon emissions by 2050. The programme also took shots of the “Zero Carbon Inno-Day : Sustainable Living 2016”, a community engagement event to encourage innovative solutions in tackling climate change challenges facing our city. Ir Albert Lai was an advisor of the Jockey Club CarbonCare Open Innovation Lab project, which co-organised this event in early April with Project Flame of the City University of Hong Kong.

Programme webcast (in Chinese only):