01 Feb 2012

Professionals Join Force to Promote Good Carbon Practices in the Region

1 February, 2012




Professionals Join Force to

Promote Good Carbon Practices in the Region


The issuer of CarbonCare® Label, Carbon Care Asia (CCA), and internationally renowned certification body British Standards Institution (BSI) today signed a cooperation memorandum on the promotion of the first CarbonCare® Labeling scheme for the Asia Pacific region.

In view of the pressing need for businesses to change towards a low carbon economy in the world to combat climate change and to recognize the contribution of voluntary climate caring actions, CCA launched the CarbonCare® Labeling Scheme in September 2011. Over 10 organizations have signed up to the scheme and more interests are expected.

“While we await mandatory requirements for corporations to deliver carbon reduction results in the region, we see the need for a systematic award scheme that encourages best practices in carbon management , and recognizes achievements of organizations who demonstrate corporate responsibility on sustainability in their operations,” said Dr Trini Leung, Executive Director of Carbon Care Asia.

It is important that voluntary carbon reduction measures are properly quantified, verified and recognized. The support from BSI’s independent verification service signifies the importance of adherence to rigorous professional and scientific standards in the CarbonCare® Labeling Scheme.

“BSI is a global leader in carbon management guidelines such as ISO standards, PAS 2050 and PAS 2060 for accounting, monitoring and verification of carbon performances. CCA values highly BSI expertise in providing CarbonCare® Labels the best professional verification support,” said Dr. Leung.

The cooperation signing ceremony on Feb 1, 2012 heralds the launch of a series of programs to further the uptake of the CarbonCare® Labeling Scheme by organizations and corporations from various sectors and industries across Asia.

Carbon Care Asia (CCA), founded by top sustainability and strategic development professionals, is a specialist carbon management solution provider and offset retailer. Since its incorporation in 2008, CCA has delivered numerous unique carbon projects: Hong Kong’s first carbon neutral hotel, Corporate Carbon Leadership Roundtables, corporate carbon reduction strategies , CarbonCare® Events for sports events, dragon boat regatta, international forums, pop concerts, weddings, public and corporate functions, and support to the World’s first afforestation and reforestation carbon offset project in Northwest Sichuan which has been accredited by the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism, and the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard Gold Level.

British Standards Institution (BSI) as the global leader in green house gas verification service provider, is the special consultant of UNFCCC, with participation in the term constitution of Kyoto Protocol, the chairman of EU ETS IETA, one of the founder of UK ETS, the consultant of WBCSD, the chairman of the working team of ISO 14064 and co-organizes many policies and green house gas emission plans related programs with governmental departments in China, UK, Japan and Canada etc. Besides, BSI has launched the world’s first environment standard BS 7750, the world’s first sustainability standard BS 8900, the world’s first specifications for the assessment of the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of goods and services – PAS 2050, and independently developed specification for the demonstration of carbon neutrality – PAS 2060.


Photo captions:

(1) Dr Trini Leung, Executive Director of Carbon Care Asia and Ms Beata Tang, Head of Assessment Delivery Service & Training Business, Hong Kong of British Standards Institution signed the cooperation memorandum.

(2) Representatives from Carbon Care Asia (CCA) and British Standards Institution (BSI) — (from left) Ir. Albert Lai, CCA Advisor; Dr. Joanne Yeung, CCA Senior Sustainability Consultant; Ms. Gillian Lai, CCA Business & Sustainability Consultant, Dr. Trini Leung, CCA Executive Director; Ms. Beata Tang, BSI Head of Assessment Delivery Service & Training Business, HK; Mr. Wilfred Chan, BSI Sustainability Portfolio Manager, Asia Pacific; Ms. Chamy Wong, BSI Business Development Manager.