05 Jun 2010

Regal iClub Hotel becomes Hong Kong’s First Carbon Neutral Hotel, with CCA technical support

Regal iClub Hotel becomes Hong Kong’s First Carbon Neutral Hotel, with CCA technical support (05/06/2010)

Regal iClub Hotel, the new contemporary boutique hotel of Regal Hotels International, announced on 5 June, the World Environment Day, that it would be Hong Kong’s first hotel to go carbon neutral. Carbon Care Asia is honoured to help deliver this exciting project and provide technical support.

In her press statement, Miss Poman Lo, Executive Director of Regal Hotels International, emphasized that, “this groundbreaking move by the Regal iClub Hotel reflects Regal Group’s long-standing commitment to make valuable contribution to the global environment. It marks an initial but revolutionary step taken to help mitigate climate change through professional and effective carbon reduction measures. As we always value innovation and best practices, we hope to initiate more low-carbon projects and offer climate-caring services within our hotel portfolio.”

“Offering carbon neutral stay to customers is in line with our goals to provide the best contemporary and good-value services to our guests at the Regal iClub Hotel. We care for our guests, and we care for the wellbeing of our planet and its inhabitants. We manage to converge these two missions by making our hotel carbon neutral. We’re glad to be able to offer a Hong Kong’s first climate caring hotel experience to our guests, as well as expect to receive strong support from customers and the community to our carbon neutral initiatives,” said Mr Yoland Perras, General Manager of Regal iClub Hotel.

The Regal iClub Hotel has conducted assessment and measurement of the facilities’ carbon footprints according the international standards of ISO 14064 and GHG Protocol. The hotel’s footprints are reduced and offset to achieve its carbon neutral status. The offsets are from the Sichuan NW Afforestation and Reforestation Project, which has been certified in 2009 under the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Executive Board and the Board of Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCB).

Regal iClub Hotel’s Carbon Neutral Program is undertaken with the technical support and advisory services of Carbon Care Asia, a provider of integrated Total Carbon Management solutions. Measures for the Carbon Neutral Program taken in the hotel include calculating its carbon footprint according to global standards, and offset its carbon emissions from the hotel’s use of electricity, gas, and water.

“Carbon neutral is fast becoming the most desirable new ways of living. A growing number of cities, global brands, corporations and organizations, e.g. the Vatican City, World Bank and HSBC, have attained carbon neutral status through measuring, reducing and offsetting their footprints. We are very proud to see Hong Kong’s first Carbon Neutral Hotel being introduced on this year’s global Environment Day. Carbon Care Asia (CCA) is honoured to be a partner in this meaningful project and we hope to see many more organizations and business leaders to join the carbon leadership rank, as demonstrated by the Regal iClub Hotel,” said Dr. Trini Leung, Executive Director of CCA.



(Photos by courtesy of Regal iClub Hotel)


  • Regal iClub Hotel (Exterior)
  • “iBusiness” Room