16 Sep 2019

Long Term Decarbonisation for Hong Kong – Eleven Principles that should Govern the City’s Climate Actions Plan

CCA’s submission to the HK Council for Sustainable Development’s public engagement on long-term decarbonisation.

Principle One: There is no alternative to reaching net-zero emissions by 2050
Principle Two: Overall targets must be backed with a detailed action plans
Principle Three: We must not rely on “negative emissions” technology before or after 2050
Principle Four: Transparent, science-based calculations for HK’s reduction targets must hit the 1.5°C scenario
Principle Five: Local clean power generation must come first
Principle Six: Strict additionality principle must apply to cross-border energy import
Principle Seven: Use absolute & per-capita targets, not carbon intensity targets
Principle Eight: HK climate action appropriate for a high-income, high-emission territory
Principle Nine: The city must monitor, report and build awareness of consumption-based emissions
Principle Ten: Government leads on climate action, creating an enabling environment for business action & individual change
Principle Eleven: Measure, report and mitigate emissions from air and sea transport